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Best Drip Coffee Maker

Best Drip Coffee MakerOur #1 pick, and the best drip coffee maker is the OXO On 9-Cup Coffee Maker ($180). This drip coffee maker, along with our other top picks, had to brew coffee in 8 minutes or less and at a temperature that doesn’t exceed 205 °F or drop below 195 °F. to make the our list of 5. We also... Read More »

Best Pool Vacuum Robot

Best Pool Vacuum RobotIf you want to cut down on pool cleaning costs and keep a happier, cleaner swimming pool, you should consider the best pool vacuum robot. These bots are designed to roll around the bottom and sides of your pool, filtering out debris while also cleaning the surface to help remove any new algae or other... Read More »

SimpliSafe Home Security System Review

SimpliSafe Home Security System ReviewSimpliSafe is a home security system that truly lives up to the “simple” part of its name, with a plug and play security solution unlike anything else on the market. But is it possible for a security system to be a little too simple, and run the risk of getting left behind the times? Read on... Read More »

Best Wireless Router 2017

Best Wireless Router 2017When we went on the hunt for the best router in 2017, we measured dozens of different features, stats, and metrics against one another to come up with a list of the top five you’ll find on shelves today. For starters, all the routers we chose must have a minimum bandwidth rating of 1900AC and... Read More »

Best Bluetooth Speakers 2017

Best Bluetooth Speakers 2017Bluetooth speakers are steadily growing more efficient and impressive.  Some now boast hi-fi sound quality and ruggedized features (waterproof, dust proof, IPX7, etc) that allow you to take them almost anywhere – plus better battery life. Here are some of the best bluetooth speakers 2017 you can find, and the latest features they offer.  If these... Read More »

LG V20 Smartphone Review

LG V20 Smartphone ReviewTowards the end of 2015, LG introduced a new flagship smartphone series with the V10. Although it was a relatively soft launch, there was nothing that fell short about the supersized, media-devouring portable machine. Many in the tech community considered it the best smartphone of its year – not a bad start for a new... Read More »